Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort - Honduras

West Bay Road, West Bay, Honduras

Off the coast of Honduras lies the Roatan tropical island. Surrounded by nature, the Mayan princess beach and dive resort is the perfect place to go if you are planning a vacation.

For scuba and deep sea divers, the resort has so much to offer. The marine life and its beautiful scenery have attracted families, friends and even honeymooners. The beachfront resort has two main interesting sections; the Mayan princess section and the Mayan beach section.

The luxurious and prestigious accommodation facilities offer a great area for relaxation while the onsite activities bring out the adventurous parts of people they didn’t even realize they had before.

With some of the most unique sea features in the world embedded in the Mayan princess beach and dive resort waters, scuba divers make it their mission to explore this area and discover all there is to know.

Since the hotels has affordable packages, most scuba divers can afford to stay in the resort for weeks just to get a glimpse of what is hidden under the waters. The beach around the resort has more than 50 species of stony coral reefs, over 300 species of mollusk and hundreds of fish species that you can only see if you go scuba diving.

Scuba divers prefer this resort because they can even get chances to see the rarest of species found nowhere else in the world. From all parts of the world, divers come to explore the hidden treasures under the waters and they get to see the colorful world underneath.

Facilities available

The Mayan princess beach resort has prestigious accommodation amenities. The rooms range from ocean view exotic suites to poolside rooms.

This paradise away from home has all kinds of facilities to offer including premium packages and customized rooms arrangements like honeymoon suites. All meals are provided in buffet format and they are freshly and lavishly prepared.

Sun lounges are provided for with WIFI access from all parts of the resort. If you wish to be away from the sea for a while you can enjoy your time in the big pools or at the spa. There are several bars and restaurants with quite lively nightlife.

Services offered and onsite activities

Independent of the time of year, the amazing temperature in Roatan provides an opportunity for the Mayan princess beach and dive resort to offer numerous onsite activities.

You can dive and have your experience under water to see the brightly colored marine life. There is also a well-designed golf course with amazing sea and sky views.

At the Kukut spa, you will ease your burdens and get rid of your troubles with the relaxing treatments. Other activities include tours, trailing, land and water sports as well as swimming and diving classes.

Dive sites in the area

The area offers several diving sites which you will only have to choose and the diving boat will take you. Every site has its own amazement to offer and you will be able to explore different experiences if you go to all of the sites.

Local attractions and tourist sites

The resort is located within the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere making it a very huge tourist attraction site.

Closest airport: Roatan International Airport

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