Hibiscus Beach Resort - U.S. Virgin Islands

4131 LaGrande Princesse, La Grande Princesse, Christiansted, St. Croix 00820, USVI

Hibiscus Beach Resort is a casual and relaxing boutique style hotel located on the picturesque Pelican Cove Beach in sunny St. Croix. Located on the beautiful north shore of the island, the area is often called America’s paradise. The unique beauty of this area is definitely a favorite for scuba divers!

Facilities available:

Enjoy the H2O Beachside Restaurant and Bar, Free Breakfasts, Hot water showers, and Air Conditioning to cool off from the hot tropical weather.

You can even marry the love of your life in a perfect, intimate wedding.


Take a walk or morning jog along the beach; breathe in the silence and enjoy the gorgeous scenery filled with palm trees and the sun perfectly hitting the clear waters

Dive sites:

St.Croix has over 20 dive sites. Vertical walls, pinnacles, ledges and caverns offer a unique diving experience for both beginners and advanced divers.

The Salt River Wall lies on the west and is one of the most desired dive areas. Divers are attracted to a vertical wall dropping 600 feet and slopes out several thousand feet offering a thrilling experience for all divers.

The Cane Bay Wall is the most popular dive spot in St. Croix as a steep wall drops from 40 ft below surface to over 3,200 feet. It is easily accessible by following mooing balls along the sand of Cane Bay Beach. The photos you will get will be spectacular!

Armageddon dive site is properly named as it is a "junkyard" with a rusty feeling that will make you feel adventurous. It is made of remnants of the Fredricksted Pier that was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo. Coral covers the area. This is a great site for beginner night dives and is easily accessible from the shoreline.

Swirling Reef of Death is famous for its name and mythical tall tales. It lies between Frederiksted pier and Sandy point. To appreciate the mystical feeling of this site you are advised to make this a night dive!

The Pavilion contains both hard and soft corals with plenty of fish, and even black coral. A sandy arena is bordered by coral and decorated with yellow headed jaw fish and spaghetti worms, creating an ideal habitat for the nurse shark.

Other activities

Water sports: You will find para-sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, and snorkeling available.

Cane bay Beach: The water is calm and clear creating a friendly atmosphere for small children to enjoy the water. The Cane Bay Dive Shop will offer you scuba diving expeditions and lessons, underwater cameras, and snorkeling gear.

Golfing: The Buccaneer and Carambola golf courses both have18 holes and the Teague Bay Golf Course offers a 9 hole game.

Horseback riding: Paul and Jill's Horseback Riding Stables offer excellent riding trails on friendly horses.

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